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13 January 2008 @ 03:18 am
Information on Holly Kennedy ps_guesswhat  
General Information

Name: Holly Kennedy
Nicknames: Hol, Baby/Love (by Gerry)
Age: 33, born on July 30, 1974.
Birthplace: New York, NY.


IQ: Never tested.
Phobias/Fears: Holly is afraid of never beginning what she calls "the start of her life." She is worried that her life will never be the way she had always pictured it, and that she will end up living in a one-bedroom apartment with no children for the rest of her life. She fears a lack of control in the course and direction of her fate. She is somewhat afraid of allowing herself to feel a gamut of emotions since she fears being weak.
Religious Beliefs: Raised Catholic; considers herself more spiritual, but does believe in God.
Intolerances/Annoyances: Holly finds a particular annoyance with those who obtain things she feels they don't deserve, such as a posessive wife forcing her husband to buy a large, loft apartment that Holly will never be able to afford. She can't stand not being able to comprehend something or figure out the reason behind certain words, actions, events, etc.
Quirks/Habits: Little things sometimes get Holly mad, and when she does, she tends to hold a grudge for the rest of the day or night. More often than not, whatever grudge she is holding is often forgotten the day after. She enjoys singing, but prefers to keep it a private occurance and rarely sings outside the confines of her apartment. She also snorts sometimes when laughing.


Parents: Within the movie, there is only the mention of her mother's first name, Patricia. The father is always referred to as such or as "Dad." For the sake of muse information, however, I've designated the following names: Patricia and Vincent O'Mally.
Siblings: Victoria (Vicky) O'Mally. No specific age is given, though I place her around 26 or 27.
Nieces/Nephews: None.
Spouse/Serious Lover: Gerry Kennedy (husband).
Children: None.

Present Background

Occupation: Real Estate Agent in New York City (early)//Owner of Sole Art, a small shoe boutique close to her apartment (later).
Activities: Drawing; Art; Singing to Judy Garland; Sleeping; Drinking; Travelling; Creating New Shoes and Designs; Socializing with friends.
Home: Currently residing in a one-bedroom apartment in New York City.
Friends: Holly considers her closest male friend to be, of course, her husband, Gerry. Her second closest male friend would be Daniel Connelly. Her two closest female friends are Sharon McCarthy and Denise Hennessy. She also considers William Gallagher, who she slept with in Ireland, to be a close friend.
Finances: Holly does well enough to continue living where she does, but not well enough to upgrade to a larger living space, despite the burning desire to do so. She has done better in regards to income due to her privately owned boutique, but nothing spectacular.


Height: 5'8".
Eyes: Brown.
Hair: Dark brown.
Face & Complexion: Holly has a stronger and bolder jawline than most women, but has come to embrace the difference. She has a striking bone structure of both her cheeks and brows. She has a generally light complexion, though it does get somewhat darker in the summer.
Build: Very tiny. Very small waist, small hips. Well-defined abs thanks to Pilates DVDs.
Defining Marks: Nothing in particular that can be noted on first glance..
Dress Style: Holly adores designer shoes. In fact, quite a bit of the storage space in her apartment is taken up by shoes she has bought on eBay. To her, if it's Marc Jacobs from Minnesota, it doesn't really count. She tends to wear clothes that flatter her tiny figure, but nothing too revealing or risque. She normally prefers a business casual type of look and keeps her clothes more along the plain side so that her shoes may be more noticable.
Manner of Speech: Holly speaks as most average people do. She is without a New York accent, despite having been born and raised there her entire life. For this, she is thankful. Her voice is a bit raspier than many women, but it is of an average pitch.
Manner of Movement: Holly walks briskly, a normal habit of Manhattan dwellers. She tends to be somewhat oblivious, however, when she is in the height of her speed. When in a rush or in a frenzy/panic, she becomes very clumsy and tends to trip over things or bump into people. Sometimes, however, usually while in the company of another person, she walks slower and moves with a more "stop and smell the roses" type of attitude compared to when she is by herself.


Marital Status: Married.
Sexual Preference: Heterosexual.
Past Relationships: Holly has had various, short-term relationships in the past, most notably with a boy in college that last for four months. This was, of course, before meeting Gerry while lost in Ireland.
Present Relationship: Holly and Gerry have been married for nine years. They met while Holly was taking a trip through Europe after college and had gotten lost looking for the very park she was in while in Ireland. They walked along the road into Dún Laoghaire where Holly's Bed and Breakfast was. While walking, they fell in love with one another. Gerry had lent Holly his leather jacket, and after sharing what Holly called "the most perfect first kiss in the history of first kisses," she decided to leave things up to fate. She said that she would keep the leather jacket and wear it while visiting different pubs, and if they met again, she would know that it was meant to be. Of course, she walked into the pub at which Gerry was singing. It was the last sign that Holly needed to be sure that she and Gerry's fates were sealed.


Storyline: Holly has been portrayed at various points within the movie. Prior to 11 January 2007, she had just received the first letter from the Singing Leprechaun. Following that date, however, she will be in a different storyline in which Gerry didn't die. When Gerry went into the hospital for his brain tumor, he arranged for him to go to Houston to undergo an experimental procedure in absolute secrecy. After receiving this treatment, Gerry went into a coma. The doctors didn't know how long he would be out, and so Holly was told that he had died. They gave her ashes from someone or something else and told her that it was him. After three months, Gerry returned to New York much to Holly's surprise. With shoes having been thrown and tempers flared, she and him are back to the way they had been before the whole ordeal. And Holly doesn't intend on losing him again any time soon.

In the second storyline, through the miracles of an AU, Holly has not received any of the succeeding letters other than the one to go out with her friends, but stil knows William Gallagher from Ireland. Don't ask. I can't explain it.
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